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Data Recovery

Has your computer crashed or have you deleted files or photos from your hard drive, flash drive or camera’s memory card by accident? Don’t panic, Sussex Inlet Computers experienced and professional data recovery service will provide you with the best chance of recovery.

·         Is your hard drive making noises and you can’t access some of your files?

·         Has your laptop been dropped or damaged by water and you need to recover your data?

·         Do you have a hard drive that’s crashed and contains the only copy of family photos or holiday snaps?

·         Has your hard drive failed that contains important financial, business or client information?

·         Is your computer infected by a virus that has deleted or damaged your files or prevented you from accessing your hard drive?

Data loss can be caused by physical damage to a PC hard disk, logical (software) damage or a combination of the two. Contact Sussex Inlet Computers today and ask us about how we can recover your valuable data.